This is Why We Ski

Deep powder is why we ski.

Bro standing in the powder at Northbowl trees

The deep powder, snowy weather and limited numbers of people on the mountain over the last few days epitomize why we ski. Up to now, our ski adventures this year have left me uninspired. I’ve not written anything here even though we have been up 3 or 4 times. Why? Well, because it was kind of boring – but these last few days – good god almighty! G l o r i o u s.

Some people may question the sanity of anyone who enjoys going out in the freezing cold when it’s snowing buckets.  Not only that, but then these crazy people head to the top of a mountain.  Once there they hurtle themselves down steep slopes through waist deep snow, dodging trees and navigating gullies. Now I ask you – is that the action of a sane person? There are those who would say emphatically “No!” – but those in the know say – absolutely baby – this is why we ski!

Anyway – here’s the rundown of our last couple of days.  We went to Kirkwood on Thursday, as they had gotten 17 new inches of snow overnight.   The roads were slick as it was snowing like mad, so we took it slow and pulled into our favorite parking lot near lift 7.  We headed up and at the top we crossed over to the main lodge area. There were a lot of folks heading up lift 6 so we did something different and headed up lift 11.

Sometimes we be smart boys, as we practically had the place to ourselves.  We skied knee-deep plus snow for several hours, cutting new lines everywhere we went.  It was snowing so hard it was filling in our previous tracks so we had freshies the whole time. We would have kept going, but we had to refuel, and our aging thighs were complaining (at least bros were – so I had to take pity on him and go in.  Couldn’t let him go in alone right?)

Uncut snow in the trees is why we ski.

Look at that snow – so incredibly nice!

In the lodge, we were smiling so much it was hard to eat, but we managed and then headed back out.  We went up lift 11 a time or two more, and then headed up lift 6.  We cruised out just past Sentinel and skied in the trees there, through gullies and drop offs.  The snow was even deeper over there and it was wonderful. We did that a few times and then called it a day.

Over 12 inches of snow had accumulated on the the car. We had to brush that off, make sure Carson Pass was open, and off we went.  On the way home we decided we had to go the next day, as the snow was piling up and someone had to ski it.

Friday at Heavenly

The road to Kirkwood was closed on Friday due to snow, so we went to Heavenly.  An additional 16 inches had fallen overnight so we eagerly drove to the Stagecoach parking lot.  The lot was almost full even though it was early.  What the ????- where did all these people come from?  Doesn’t anyone work around here when it snows?

While rubbing our sore thighs, we decided to apply our “go where others aren’t” tactic.  Everyone was heading to the Dipper lift, so we went to the Northbowl trees. What a great decision. Thigh and waist deep powder, bouncing over the pillows of buried logs and stumps.  My god – THIS is why we ski. You dream of these conditions every time you go up, but really only get them once every few years. To have two days in a row of them – well what can I say… it was magnificent!

The snow is still falling now – so we are going to have to go again on Monday.  Our thighs should be recovered by then – so we can handle it.  Kirkwood got an additional 24 inches last night and by Monday they are supposed to have another couple of feet. Holy moly – this is a dream come true. This is why we ski – so we’re going to have to go as much as possible while it lasts.

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  1. Bro says:

    The way I remember it, we went into the lodge because my brother’s tootsies were freezing and he needed to put on his bunny foo-foo and that is the truth. All day long–wah wah wah–I’m cold and it is snowing too much. Sounded just like Charlie Brown’s mama.

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