Sunny Kirkwood – Days 25 and 26

Sking sunny Kirkwood is always fun.

Bro Steve, Sis Clare and me heading up.

Skied sunny Kirkwood two times over the last few days. It was sunny and warm and very spring-like in terms of snow conditions – hard in the morning but softening up by the afternoon.  Lots of fun to ski once the snow softens up, as it holds an edge and you can just cook right through it.

Friday 12 Feb, Bro and I headed up to sunny Kirkwood, and we met our sister Clare there in the Timbercreek lodge parking lot.  We finagled things a bit to get her the last parking space, maybe accidentally-like moving a couple of parking cones to get her in.  (No one saw us do it – so I’m not sure it really happened)

We traversed across the hill from lift 7 and went straight to the backside – where the sun was shining bright. We cooked down the groomers there for quite some time, and then took a much needed refreshment break – soaking in the sunshine.

Soft snow at sunny Kirkwood in the bowls.

Bro and I at the top of Palisades bowl.

After our break Bro and I tried a few runs off the main drag, but it was still pretty hard and bumpy going – so we called that off and went to our favorite lunch stop – The 7800′.  We talked to Arfell for a bit, but she was all tied up in some deep paper work – such is the life of a business owner. We drank some great Nut Brown Ale and we all ate on the monster stack of nachos that they serve up there. Nice!  Once we were fully fortified, we headed up lift 6 to take on Zachery and Sentinel.  We cruised those, and then Clare was done and she headed out for home (she had a 3 hour drive, so we certainly understood her taking off)

Bro and I headed back up and ended up out in Palisades bowl, where the sun had softened up the snow nicely. It was quite sweet cooking down the ridge line there and on in to the Timbercreek area at the bottom. We’d had our fill, so called it quits as well and headed home.

Charlee is learning to ski very fast.

Charlee and I on our way up the hill.

On Feb 14, I headed back up to sunny Kirkwood with family to ski with Charlee Stoll, my buddy who Bro and I started to teach to ski about 1 month ago. (check that trip out here)  She was up for her second time skiing and I was set to show her more of the tricks of the trade.

We skied Lift 9 for some time, going down each of the runs, and she was getting more and more confident with each run.  We found a fun little gully to go shooting down, but it was  hard to get into and Charlee crashed a time or two before we found the best way to access it.  We skied this several times, with Cahrlle getting better and better, and then she was ready take on the next bigger hill.

We had a lot of fun skiing this run.

Charlee’s favorite run so far on lift 7.

We headed up lift 7 and cruised down, finding another great gully to ski.  This gully is call the “Ditch of Doom” and we skied it a number of times.  It is curvy and bumpy – and just a lot of fun to ski. You can go fast and it tosses you around, but if you are “on it”, you get through just fine – which Charlee did every time – not falling even once. Sweet!

We had a great day skiing sunny Kirkwood but were ready to head out at the end of the day, having worn our behinds out – but we had smiles on our faces for sure.

Here are a few more pictures of our adventures over the last two ski trips.


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  1. Steve says:

    Way to go Charlee–wish I had been with you–will be next time.

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