Stagecoach Lift at Heavenly Opens – Day 7

Stagecoach lift at Heavenly is open for the year.

Yes…Stagecoach lift is open!!… and uhhh… so is the terrain park.

Today Stagecoach Lift at Heavenly opened, and of course Bro and I had to be there to partake.  Call us ski hogs, or call us snow gluttons – it’s all true – but really don’t call us as we won’t answer, because we’re skiing!  Ain’t it grand??

With the opening of the Stagecoach lift at Heavenly there is skiing from the top to the bottom on the Nevada side.  Some good long runs that will really get the ole early season thighs burning if you take it all in one shot.  It feels sweet.  The snow was well groomed and crisp.  The temperatures have stayed low, so they have been making snow and the coverage on the open runs is very good.  Nothing off-piste – unless you cherish granite and stump skin abrasion treatment – not for me.

These skis can fly - oh yeah.

First day on my Blizzard Coshise skis. They are NICE.


Today I pulled out my new to me skis, a pair of 185 Blizzard Coshise.  I had to let them really run to see if they were up to the task of high speed blazing – and I have to say I was happily impressed.  They were very stable and carved very nicely.  I think that I am really going to like these skis.  Can’t wait to get them in some soft stuff (if we’d just get some more snow – hurumpf!!)





Local skiier Clyde on Tamarack.

Meet Clyde. Nice guy who likes Oregon micro-brews.


Met some interesting people today, as we usually do.  Rode up the Tamarack lift with a guy named Clyde.  He lives in the Tahoe area off of Kingbury Grade, but his skis had stickers on them from beer made in Oregon.  Turns out he lived in Oregon for 8 years and had learned to love a few brews made up that way – so he memorialized them by putting their stickers on his skis.  He said his other pair of skis had more beer stickers too.  We thought that was pretty cool, so we took some pictures and told him about the blog.



Clydes Beer stickered skis.

Check out those stickers. Some good brews there!

We rode up Dipper lift with a lady who worked at Heavenly – but was not working today.  I did not get her name but she told us a tale that I thought was very funny.  She said about 5 years ago she was working at Mammoth Mountain.  Her job was to guide the Mammoth Mountain mascot – Woolly the Mammoth around the mountain.  Woolly knew it was her first day, so he had her take him up to the top of the mountain.  Turns out she was not supposed to do that as the year before while riding to the top, Woolly’s head had fallen off and rolled down the mountain.  A few Mammoth customers were greatly disturbed by this rolling head – so Woolly was banned from going to the top – but she took him as she didn’t know.  It must admit, it would be kind of weird to have a Mammoth head roll by you while skiing.  Are you supposed to scream “Head” when that happens? (like we used to scream “ski” for runaway skis)  She said she had a lot of stories over her 45 years of skiing and working at resorts – but we’d come to the end of the lift and didn’t get to hear any more.

Higher Grounds serves Starbucks coffee.

What a great name for a Coffee place in a ski lodge.


Took a break at the East Peak Lodge and got some coffee to warm up.  I thought the name of the coffee place there was very creative.  It was named Higher Grounds.  Pretty good coffee and nice folks.


We ran into Frank and Cathy Bauer in the lodge while there.  We originally met them last week and you can see their pictures in the post Cold Day at Heavenly – Day 5.  They said that they still had not visited my blog – as they do not have a computer.  Cathy told me that they don’t have time for all that – as when they are not skiing in the winter, they are at the gym.  In the summer they ride mountain bikes or hike.  Cathy said it keeps them young – so why not.  They had a

East Peak Lodge is a nice place to meet people.

Roger (L) and Robert having a good time at East Peak Lodge.

neighbor that came in and we talked to him too.  His name was Robert and he was with a guy named Roger. Robert has a home in Tahoe next to the Bauers and he also has a home in Bakersfield.  He said that when he was in Tahoe the Bauers were always getting him to go skiing or mountain bike riding or something.  He was a nice guy and told us to be careful out there on the mountain when we left.

We skied every run that they had open at least once  and most we skied several times – so we called it a day.  Skied down to Stagecoach and right out to our car in the parking lot.  Nice – no walking.


Near top of Stagecoach Lift at Heavenly.

Looking down from the top of Stagecoach



Rabbit had obviously lost something eh?

Where the heck was that rabbit going?

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