St Johann Ski Resort – Day 7

St Johann ski resort has great views all around it.

That’s the Wilder Kaiser in the background.

Today we skied at a small resort that is real close to our hotel.  The resort is called St Johann ski resort and we grabbed our skis and walked across the parking let and jumped on the gondola.  Sweet, let me tell you.

We headed to the top and took in some outstanding views of the Wilder Kaiser, which is a great rock that dominates the landscape.  We soaked it in and then cruised off to one side of the resort, hoping to find some un-cut poo.  We found some stuff that looked pretty good, but it was chopped up crud that was less than good.  We dreamed we were cutting up the deep and wonderful, but the jarring and deep ditches we had to avoid slapped us back to reality – this was not the poo we were looking for.

Only place to see the schlonga-shredda-bonster is St Johann ski resort.

There’s a bonster in the urinal – yikes!

We cruised to the other side of the mountain and kept a sharp eye out for any of the good stuff – and we did find a little bit here and there.  We would jump into it and cut it up so it did not last long but it was good while it lasted.

We took Jim up to the most famous loo in the Europe.  It’s in the hutte at the top of the hill and it is something to see.   The faucets are beer spigots and the urinal has a beast behind some plexiglass that stares out at you with bared teeth. It makes you a bit reluctant to drain the lizard while he’s staring at you – and those teeth – umm – you don’t want any of that for sure.  It looks like it’s a marmot or a badger – and we figured the German name for it must be the schlonga-shredda-bonster. (if you say it fast it even sounds like your speaking German). (click on the picture to enlarge it for the full frightening view)

We are a happy bunch of folks for sure.

Some of the Poo Crew heading up the gondola.

We had a fantastic lunch in a little hutte about mid-way down the hill.  We met another member of our crew, who came to ski with us here in Austria.  She is a friend of Bob’s and her name is Natalie. She is very nice and had a table saved for us in the hutte when we arrived. We ate lunch and headed back out to get some more skiing in.

We skied the various runs on the hill, and somewhere near the end of the day Jim hit a roadway, flipped over it and injured his right lower leg.  He skied a few more runs, but was hurting when we got down.  He ended up going to the Krankenhaus (German for Hospital) and apparently has a ruptured achilles tendon. Shiiieeet man!!!! We be losing one of the poo crew for a while. This sucks for real, but we have 5 more days of skiing to do in Austria before we fly out, so we’ll carry on.

Here are some more pictures of our adventure at St Johann ski resort today.

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