The Snow Apocalypse Continues

The snow apocalypse has buried Kirkwoods backside.

Where’s the lift? Oh, it’s under the snow

The snow apocalypse has continued here in the Sierras.  Heavenly and Kirkwood have received over 120 inches of snow in the last week.  It has buried the resorts, and they’ve not been able to open lifts or terrain. Kirkwood’s backside has not been open for over 10 days and you can see why.  That picture is the loading point of lift 3 that takes you from the backside to the main lodge area.





Keep the snow apocalypse coming. We like it.

They had to dig out the chair path – whew!

Bro and I went to Heavenly yesterday and waited for over 1 1/2 hours for them to open the Stagecoach lift. This was the only lift they got open on the Nevada side.  They also only opened a couple lifts for the day on the California side. Heavenly received over 30 inches of snow overnight, so they were pounded. They had to dig out the lift chairs and the lift entries and exits in order to run the lifts.  Once we got on the hill though – well, it was awesome – for a while.

We were competing with a rash of hungry powder hounds to eat up the powder – so needless to say – it didn’t last long.  It only took 6 or 7 runs for all the powder to be gone.  So sad! We were hoping that they were going to open more lifts, but no go. An employee we rode up the lift with told us it was not going to happen – so we got what we could.

Bro and I are heading to Colorado at the end of February, so we’re hoping for the snow apocalypse to continue.  We want to have some awesome deep poo in Colorado-land so we’re saying our incantations, doing our dances and living the clean life. (well, sort of).


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