Skiing Kitzbuhel – Days 8,9,10

Skiing Kitzbuhel above a beautiful village.

Looking down on Kitzbuhel from the gondola.

Spent the last 3 days skiing Kitzbuhel and having a really good time.  I’ve fallen behind on doing my blog posts, and I don’t really have a good reason for that, but I’m sure it’s my brothers fault. I mean, I know it’s not my fault – so it must be his fault – right?  Only stands to reason as far as I can see.

All three days have been very warm and we even got rained on the first day we skied here. The snow has been good after it softens up mid-morning – fast and easy to carve on.  The second day we were out, they had groomed the runs while the snow was soft and then it froze solid.  It

The mountains here are fantastic.

More views of the Wilder Kaiser.

was like skiing on a frozen friggen washboard, and our feet were vibrating so badly, they were numb by the time we got to the bottom.  Once the snow softened up though, we were breaking the sound barrier going down some runs and having a blast as it was fast and easy to ski.

The food in all the huttes here is very good, and Bro has selected places to eat specific foods at.  He has been here so often, he knows where all the best places are to eat schnitzel, or spaghetti bolognaise, or whatever, so we plan our runs around getting to certain places in time for lunch to sample these great cuisines. I have to give it to him – his stomach has a made a good selection of eating places – as the food is excellent. (but his mental decisions – well… )

Skiing Kitzbuhel is comfortable and nice.

One of the 8 seated, heated, bubbled lifts.

The lifts here are top notch – with multiple gondolas, high speed 6 and 8 seater lifts, people movers, etc – all geared to get you around the mountain comfortably and fast.  All the lifts have foot rests and many have heated seats – with bubbles to protect you from the weather.  You never see such high quality lifts in the states – not sure why. (I can guess – but I’m leaving that alone for now) Another thing that makes your skiing Kitzbuhel top notch is the lockers.  They have heated boot and glove holders that dry and warm your stuff overnight.  You ski hard, put your wet stuff on these heaters and everything is dry and warm in the morning.  They have the same set up in Corvara and it’s very nice.

The views of the Alps all around are quite spectacular and it makes skiing Kitzbuhel an experience every

A scary run that you get to see while skiing Kitzbuhel.

Looking down a mid-section of the Hannenkaum.

skier should have.  Another thing that Kitzbuhel is famous for is the Hannekaum downhill. It is the most feared downhill on the professional skiing circuit, and when you see the run, you understand why.  Very steep, with treacherous turns on solid ice.  Amazing that guys fly down that run like they do.  They must be genuine studs for sure.

They had the running of this downhill the day we arrived in Austria and they have been breaking down the fences and stands all the while we have been here.  They use helicopters to get the equipment off the mountain, so we have seen a lot of them flying around hauling stuff. Really cool.  We also got to ski part of the Hannenkaum downhill run and we got a first hand look at the course.  Pretty wild for sure.

Great place to party with all the apres skiers.

Sue and Steve outside the Londoner.

Last night after skiing we went to the most famous bar in the Alps – “The Londoner”. We partied hardy for sure – drinking, dancing and carrying on.  We listened to a group called “The Short and Curlies” and they are excellent.  Bro says they have been playing there for all the years he has been coming here – which is about 15 years now.  These guys put on a great show and they get the audience really into it – which makes for a really great time. Our bar maid – Katy – was from Northern Ireland.  She had to work her tail off as she was the only bar maid there and that place was busy.  She was fun to talk to, but once things got hopping, she didn’t have much time to talk as she was busy getting the libations out to the increasingly frenzied crowd.   I’d tell you more of what happened, but I can’t really remember it so well. It was a hoot for sure and worth all the resultant dead brain cells.

That’s about it for the synopsis of the last 3 days skiing Kitzbuhel. Here are some more pictures of our adventures.

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