Ski Seasons Final Days 2017

Man am I behind on my reporting here, but what else is new eh? I ‘m going to cover this ski seasons final days in this report, covering 3 or 4 actual days on the mountain. It’s very sad that the resorts are all closing, as the slopes are buried in snow. I mean, it is deep.  Directional signs that we usually use to get around the mountain at Heavenly are buried.  The dyn-no-mite storage shack at Heavenly is currently at least 6 feet under snow and not out in the open like during a normal winter.  Those mountains got snow baby – and yet here we are at the ski seasons final days – WHAT THE #$%@^&!!!!

Enough belly-achin’ – here’s the report. It’s going to be heavy on pictures and light on wordage – as my composition widgit is out of whack (or maybe I just be a lazy butt – you decide – but keep it to yourself eh?)

Several weeks ago, we went to Heavenly and had a great day.  Skied all over the mountain from one side to the other, heading down Gunbarrel on the California side and Killebrew canyon on the Nevada side.  Both were the first (and last ) times for the season.  Here are some pictures:

Lake Tahoe  is gorgeous from top of Heavenly.

Here I am in Retro gear on the California side.


Ski seasons final days always includes Killebrew Canyon.

Steve at the top of Killebrew Canyon.


Kirkwood Ski Seasons Final Days

On 14 Apr we headed to Kirkwood and had a great day.  New snow, bright sunshine, and hardly anyone on the mountain.  It was wonderful.  We skied some great snow on the face above the 7800′ Restaurant and then slipped in there for some much needed refreshment (best beer and food place on the mountain). We then did a zig while everyone else did a zag.  The backside opened and what crowds there were headed that way.  We headed to the Palisades – and what a great call that was.  The snow in our special gullies – Hamilton 2 and Hamilton 3 – was excellent!! Untouched and sweet.  Check out the pics! For the record, Kirkwood closed 16 April.

Hamilton gullies at ski seasons final days.

Check out our tracks in the powder!




Bluebird day and great powder at Kirkwood.

Big thumbs up for sure eh?

Heavenly Ski Seasons Final Days

Yesterday we headed up the Heavenly and experienced some very nice spring skiing. Once the snow loosened up, it was really good.  Heavenly had less then half their lifts running and really only the Nevada side open for skiing.  They are closing on 30 April, though they could probably stay open for another month at least with the snow they have. (more belly-achin’ going on here)

We had some really good runs in the Dipper Woods area, but once the snow started getting sticky around 1pm, we called it a season.  We did do our “toast the snow gods” ritual on top of mountain.  Got to keep the snow gods happy – right? They done us good this year for sure!! Here are the pictures.

Wonderful season that is over way too soon.

A little Schnapps keeps the snow gods happy.





Ski season is over and we are sad.

Got to give the snow gods their share – right?

Ski seasons final days have now come and gone.

Bro at the top on the final run of the season.












Here are some more pictures from the ski seasons final days.  Hard to believe it is already over, but it is.  Guess we will have to gear up to go camping and fishing and dream of the next season, hoping it will have as much snow as this one.

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  1. Bro says:

    It was an awesome season. I sure enjoyed sharing it with you

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