Sierra Nevada Skiing – Days 28 and 29

Sierra Nevada skiing is always different and fun.

Looks good – right? It wasn’t!

I am a bit behind on my reporting here, so I thought I’d better catch up.  Have done some Sierra Nevada skiing lately, but it has not really inspired me to make my usual rapid and witty reports. There is currently plenty of snow on the hills, but it is not light or fluffy.  It is heavy and wet, as the temperature has been above freezing for most of the last week. It hasn’t really been that sunny when we’ve been skiing – so it has lacked the pizzazz of real spring skiing – when it’s super warm and the sun is blazing and people are skiing half naked (sometimes a good thing – sometimes not).

Anyway, enough preamble – here’s the report.  Bro and I did a little Sierra Nevada skiing at Northstar on Monday 14 Mar.  They said on their website that they’d received 18 inches of new snow – so we buzzed up expecting some sweet stuff. It was not to be had.  They did get some snow – maybe 7 – 10 inches – but it was very heavy and windblown with a thick crust on top.  We tried all of Bro’s super secret, “no one in the world knows about” powder hidey-holes to no avail.  They were all the same –

Lots of varied conditions while Sierra Nevada skiing.

Check out that spacing – NICE eh?

super crusty crud that you hoped to stay on the top of – because if you cracked through it – you were in a world of hurt, scrambling for your life to keep from whacking a tree as the snow dragged your skis every which way but straight. We covered all of the mountain, even cutting across at least 3 (maybe 4) terrain parks to access other places – but we were left wanting.  No powder to be had – so sad.

It was sad as the trees at Northstar are really spaced well, and if there was some light and fluffy, they would be so fun to ski. Instead we fought the crud, dodged the snow boarders and called it a day.

Today, Sunday 20 Mar, we did a little more Sierra Nevada skiing at Kirkwood.  Bro and I headed up early and did some skiing off of Lift 6.  Around 10:15 am we met up with Charlee at Timber Creek to take her up for her 3rd day of skiing ever.  We jumped right on Lift 7 and she cooked down the first run – like she had been doing this her whole life. Sweet!

We had a great day on the slopes.

Bro, Charlee and I heading up for our first run

We cruised up and down a number of times and she did great. We headed down the Ditch of Doom, where she had a wild spinning crash that somehow ended up with both her poles pinned under her body with her skis splayed out at odd angles.  She was completely unable to move, so we had to extricate her from her predicament. She wasn’t hurt at all and was ready to roll again – so we headed out.  After that we re-named this run “The Ditch of Charlee’s Doom” (I don’t think she liked that name though)

Later we skied down a run called the Trench of Terror, which had a lot of bumps and turns and was quite fun to ski. She blazed down that a number of times, but she wouldn’t do the required scream of terror.  I mean we were in the trench of terror – there should be some screams – right? She wouldn’t do it, so Bro did it instead (he said he was just doing it for fun, but I think he might have actually been in terror.  You know how he is)

Another great day enjoying Sierra Nevada skiing.

Charlee, with Bro behind, in the Tench of Terror

The weather was warm, but the wind was picking up and the snow was getting sticky (like it does when it’s melting) – so we called it a day. We had a good time but we’d had enough for today. Besides, this is the first day of a whole week of skiing for Bro and I.  We have our sister Sue (see her in our Europe skiing reports here) coming for 4 days, and we are going to have our other sister Clare coming mid week for a few days of skiing too. It’s going to be sweet!

Here are a few more pictures of our Sierra Nevada skiing adventures for you to enjoy.



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