Saalbach Ski Resort – Days 11 and 12

The Saalbach ski resort is now a very large resort.

Sue on the hill in Saalbach.

Today we skied the Saalbach Ski Resort for our final day of skiing in Europe.  This last year they put in new lifts that connect 3 resorts into one – and it is now very large, with tons of terrain. The 3 resorts it combined were Hinterglemm, Leogang and Fieberbraun.

The resort looks great, but the snow was lacking.   There was only on piste skiing and the snow was very loose and spring-like. Fun to ski – but we sort of ached for some of that great terrain with some deep poo on it.  Alas, it was not to be had on this trip. Too bad, so sad.

We went to Bro and Bob’s favorite hutte in all of the Alps

Great Huttes at the Saalbach ski resort.

Steve and Bob in the Teehutte for lunch.

today for lunch.  It’s a little hutte called the Teehutte and it is very quaint.  You walk in and the folks that run the place are right there at the stove cooking up the food they have for the day .  It is really nice.

We quit early today as we were all tired, and the skiing was not so good.  The day started out very foggy and you could not get your bearings on the hill.  I almost lost my breakfast on a few runs as the vertigo was bad. Not a lot of fun trying to figure out which way was up and which was down, and when you are at a new place and have no idea where you’re going – well – it doesn’t make it the happiest place in the world. We did have fun, but we were sort of done skiing for this trip. We’ve skied 12 out of the last 13 days, and that has a sort of cumulative tiring effect (at least that’s what we tell ourselves to save our pride).

Kitzbuhel is close to the Saalbach ski resort.

Looking down from the Pengelstein lift.

That was today and now some data on yesterday.  We skied at Kitzbuhel and we went across the Pengelstein lift to the area on the other side. This lift is amazing as it connects two mountain tops.  On the way over you are way the be-jeesus off the ground – like 1400 feet or so.  It really is cool.  The terrain on the other side is awesome and when there is good snow, it is known in “Poo Crew speak” as “the land of the milk and the honey”.  Lots of steep and wide open terrain that is heaven when there is good powder.  (I won’t keep crying about the lack of poo here – I promise)

Once we had skied this area, we headed back over to the Kitzbuhel side and skied more stuff.  Then Sue  and I got to ski down all but a very small section of the Hannenkaum downhill run. What a run!! It’s amazing that

Fantastic views from all the lifts and huttes in the Alps

Bob and Steve at a Hutte for some refreshment.

guys fly down this run at such high speeds.  It has some incredible steeps, some reverse slope turns that then drop off steeply – how do they do it??!! Just skiing it at my speed was a challenge.  I am in awe of the guys that actually do this downhill – they are men of steel for sure.

There you go – this is going to be the last report for this trip.  We head to Munich tomorrow and then get on our flight Sunday AM for the multi-hour flight home. It has been a hell of a trip.  Lots of fun with great people – and only one problem – Jim’s achilles tendon rupture. Sucks fr sure.

I would love to come back and ski Kitzbuhel and the Saalbach Ski resort again – but would like to do it when they have more snow.

Here are some more pictures from the last two days skiing:

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