Snowing in the Sierras

It’s snowing in the Sierras right now.  Starting to lay it down for sure – and more is on the way.

Here is a picture from Kirkwood’s Facebook page as of around noon today.

Snowing in the Sierras now.

Over 11 inches of snow as of noon. Nice!!

Here is a picture from the Heavenly website.  They have gotten about 7 inches so far, per their “snow stake” camera.

Snow in the Sierras at Heavenly too.

Heavenly East Peak view as of around 2pm today.


It is happening folks. Winter is upon us – bring it on Mother Nature.  We are ready to go skiing!!!

First Snow 2015-2016 Season

Hello sports fans.  The winter season is upon us – and we’ve had the first snow “visible from the valley” in the mountains here.

First Snow in the Sierras as seen from the valley floor.

Winter is coming!! Snow on the hills.

With that first snow we get the much anticipated return of the Hamilton Ski Line witty commentary series – and I am sure that has you all cheering.

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Ski Season 2015 Is Over

Ski Season 2015 is over for sure.

Going up Lift 6. Pretty slim snow coverage.

Went to Kirkwood last week and Heavenly this week – and with that the ski season 2105 is over for Bro and I. Pretty sad state of affairs really, but the lack of snow all year and the recent high temps have brought the ski season to an early end. In some ways I am really going to miss skiing, but this season was so bad – I am almost glad to see it go.  I mean when you never got off-piste all year and there is nothing but packed runs every time you go to your local resorts – it is hard to stay enthused.  With the season over you can at least hope for a better season next year.  You can dream of a great season with deep powder and many long beautiful runs.  That can keep you going through the hot summer.  Aren’t dreams and hope grand?

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Lost Trail Powder Mountain is a hidden gem.

Lost Trail Powder Mountain has some good stuff.

Check out the powder on one of the runs.


We skied Lost Trail Powder Mountain yesterday, and it was a really great place. We probably had the best snow of the whole trip at this resort.  We skied 4  to 6 inches of fresh powder all day long, once we were shown the secrets of the resort by Ginny and some other local people. (We first met Ginny and Katie on the gondola at Jackson Hole earlier in this trip and you can get that story here.)

The resort has been operating since 1938. They had a fire in the mid 60’s, which burned away many trees.  They re-planted the trees and purposefully spaced them so you could get “skier shots” through them, and they did an excellent job.  These are the most ski-able glades I have ever skied, bar none.  It was incredibly fun picking your way, weaving in and around the trees in the powder.

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Discovery Ski Area is a blast.

Discovery Ski area is a great place.

Steve all “fluffied up” for the cold.

We skied Discovery Ski Area yesterday and it was really a lot of fun.  This place is a small ski resort but it has some great runs, plenty of steep and even 2 bowls of double black diamond runs with their own lift.  It is a real family style resort and all the people there are very friendly and warm. The lift tickets are a steal at only $42.00.

When we arrived it was sunny and clear, but very cold – at minus 9 degrees. We skied down Gold Run for our first run, and Bro was crying like a little girl as his face was cracking off from the cold.  I chose a more dignified way to express my agony – I mean several primeval screams is much more dignified – right? Needless to say we stopped at the bottom and “fluffied up” (put on our face masks).

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Big Sky Ski Resort is Massive

Big Sky ski resort

Check out the tram heading to the top.

If there is one thing you can say about the Big Sky ski resort it would be that it is massive! There is so much terrain, of all levels of ability, that everyone will be smiling until it hurts.

I started at one side of the resort and tried to make it to the other side, hitting all the runs on the way, but I never made it.  I did make it to the top of Lone Mountain, which is 11,166 feet high.  You can ski on all sides of this mountain, and there are 4 massive bowls, with many smaller bowls as you go around the mountain.  There are many glades and hidey-holes for powder and I am sure that the locals could lead you to powder stashes days after a good snow.

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Bridger Bowl Skiing Fun

Bridger Bowl Skiing is awesome.

Upper advanced terrain at Bridger Bowl.

Did some Bridger Bowl skiing today and found it to be a very fun and interesting place.  The resort has some amazing terrain, some of which requires you to have an avalanche transponder in order to access it.  It is a wide open mountain, with all levels of terrain in abundance.  There are three wide open bowls for all levels of skill and another for experts only. Very nice place with an old style ski resort feel – all for only 52 bucks a day. Can’t grumble about that. It was Saturday, and I never waited in line at any lift the whole day. Man, it was nice.

Bridger Bowl Skiing involves a lot of different terrain.

Loose snow one week after last snow.

It has 4 different places that you can go to get food and to warm up, with 2 of them being in mid-mountain locations.  The food and beer is very reasonably priced so you don’t feel like you are being taken every time you get hungry or thirsty.

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Red Lodge Ski Resort

Red Lodge ski resort was a pleasant surprise.

Here we are at Red Lodge, heading up.

Today we went skiing at Red Lodge Ski resort, and we were actually impressed.  They have the best snow that we have skied all year, and we actually got a couple of good tastes of – dare I say it – powder!  The hill is very nice with some long steep runs and quite a variety of terrain. It has a family ski resort feel, and some of the lifts are old – but there is no foofoo glitzy stuff – just great terrain, very good snow and attentive staff.  Our kind of place for sure.  It looks like it has a wealth of off piste stashes that we wish we had time to discover, but alas, not this trip.

Powder at Red Lodge Ski Resort.

Check out the snow – some powder there – oh yeah!

We were going to go to Bridger Bowl today, but

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Jackson Hole Skiing Adventure

Jackson Hole Skiing.

Looking down from up the hill at Jackson Hole.

Since we are in Jackson, we had to do a little Jackson Hole skiing today. We were hoping and praying for some snow, and we did get some, but not much. It was cloudy, windy and snowing the first part of the day, and then it was sunny starting around noon.

The base is quite good, but the snow is old.  It has melted and re-frozen a time or two, and even though the groomed runs are very ski-able, the surface of anything off piste is bone jarring hard and not a lot of fun.

Weather is always a challenge when Jackson Hole skiing.

Clouds clearing off the top of the tram.


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Grand Targhee Groomers

Grand Targhee great views.

Jim and Steve with the Tetons behind.

Today we headed over to Grand Targhee and skied some high speed low, drag groomers.  These were the best groomers we have skied all season anywhere, so we were happy.  There really were nice – as far as groomers go.

Grand Targhee is a fun place, and even though it’s not too big, it has a great hill. It also has some of the best views of the west side of the Tetons that you will find anywhere. There are an assortment of nice steep runs and you can ski almost the whole mountain.  Lots of wide open terrain and the trees are spaced so that you can ski those fairly easily too.  Only real problem they have is the same problem that we have been running into everywhere we go – lack of snow.

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