Base Layer Materials Mystery Solved

They just are not using the right base layer materials for the weather.

Use of proper base layer materials will prevent this from happening.

Let’s demystify this base layer materials mystery shall we.  Not really very mysterious, but there is something to know here in order to stay warm and dry while skiing.

The 2 main jobs of the base layer is to Read More…

Stagecoach Lift at Heavenly Opens – Day 7

Stagecoach lift at Heavenly is open for the year.

Yes…Stagecoach lift is open!!… and uhhh… so is the terrain park.

Today Stagecoach Lift at Heavenly opened, and of course Bro and I had to be there to partake.  Call us ski hogs, or call us snow gluttons – it’s all true – but really don’t call us as we won’t answer, because we’re skiing!  Ain’t it grand??

With the opening of the Stagecoach lift at Heavenly there is skiing from the top to the bottom on the Nevada side.  Some good long runs that will really get the ole early season thighs burning if you take it all in one shot.  It feels sweet.  The snow was well groomed and crisp.  The temperatures have stayed low, so they have been making snow and the coverage on the open runs is very good.  Nothing off-piste – unless you cherish granite and stump skin abrasion treatment – not for me. Read More…

Family Ski Jumping History – The Floater

Today we’re going to take a little trip in the way-back machine and re-live some family ski jumping history. Back before we developed a sense of self-preservation and considered ourselves indestructible, we used to spend whole days doing nothing but jumping.  We would start at the top of the mountain and go from one known jump location to another.  We’d follow the same route over and over, trying to out-do each other with our jumps – going higher, farther or having a more daring technique.  We had 6 or 7 set locations where jumps would be naturally Read More…

Kirkwood Resort – Crisp and Cold – Day 6

Kirkwood Resort first run.

First lift ride up lift 5 – Solitude.

Skied at Kirkwood resort today.  It was cold, at times windy and the snow was crisp and fast.  They were running lift 5 – Solitude and lift 11 – the Reut.  Each lift essentially had two runs coming off them that were ski-able.  There were other places you could go, but they had varying levels of risk.  They got some decent snow on Saturday and Sunday, but if you went off the main runs you were in for a minefield of obstacles.  Rocks, stumps, bushes and tree tops made it less than inviting to venture very far off the main drags they had open.  There was some inviting looking soft stuff out there, but the thought of blowing up on one of those barely submerged stumps or rocks kept us close to the open runs.  Man we need about 2-3  more feet of snow right now, and things would be quite different out there. Read More…

Layering is an Art – Learn it

He just doesn't the art of  layering.

If you layer properly, you will never look like this.

If you’re like me you think the great outdoors is the most wonderful place to be as often as possible. However, you also know that it can be very unpredictable. In the mountains it can go from a warm sunny day to freezing temperatures and butt-kicking winds very rapidly.  If you’re not able to adjust your clothing to accommodate this rapidly changing weather, you’re in for a piss poor day combined with some serious grumbling. Luckily you’ve come here to learn about a system of layering your clothing that will allow you to make quick adjustments based on your activity level and changes in the weather –YEAH, you’re saved!!  Say Halleluiah – you will stay toasty warm and dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at you – IF you heed these teachings. Read More…

Cold Day at Heavenly – Day 5

A cold day at Heavenly.

Steve’s face was frozen like this – it was COLD!

I was a cold day at Heavenly today.  It was sunny and clear. The snow was crisp and fast but it was COLD.  Ambient temperature was about 15 degrees with little to no wind.  However once you got flying down the mountain – your face felt like it was being slowly frozen off.  In fact my brothers face got permanently frozen so we had to make an emergency stop at East Peak Lodge and get some Hot Chocolate with Baileys in it  to thaw out.  For those uninitiated folks, this is a medically sound cure for face-frozen-off-itis and it again proved effective. Read More…

Garage Sale at the Waterfall

This is a story submitted by a family member, my younger brother Jeff.  Typically people would say “my little brother” , but Jeff is not little.  He is the biggest member in our family, even though he’s the youngest.  (you can check out his picture at the bottom of the post “Why Hamilton Ski Line?“) I have taken his story and done a little editing on it – but not much – so it’s pretty much presented here as submitted.  It is one of the many stories in the Hamilton Ski History Archives that spans over 50 years of skiing, so I hope you enjoy it.

I can’t really tell you how long ago this was, but it has be at least 25 years ago.  Enough said – here’s the story. Read More…

Snow in the Valley

Didn’t go skiing today.  We have a winter storm occurring here. Heavenly didn’t open their lifts at all due to the wind.  Kirkwood has only lift 5 open still and it’s just not worth the hassle of getting there to ski those 2 runs – even though there was some new snow on them. Read More…

Why Hamilton Ski Line?

Why did I name this blog “Hamilton Ski Line”?  I’m glad you asked.  Let me explain.

In ski terms, a line is a chosen route of descent down the mountain.  You stand at the top of a run or area and you chose your route down.  You try to pick the best way to go through the trees or where to go to avoid the rocks that are below you.  You take into account where you’ll get the best snow and still make it down all in one piece. Read More…

Skiing Northstar – Day 4

Skiing Northstar today was not much different then skiing other resorts near Lake Tahoe. They are all suffering from the same malady – lack of snow.  We rode the tram from the parking lot to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel that is part way up the mountain.  We of course had to do some “putting on the Ritz” while were there – just wouldn’t have been right if we hadn’t.  You can see a bit of that here:

Northstar Resort Ritz-Carlton Entryway.

Walking into the Ritz-Carl

Steve at the Ritz-Carlton Northstar Resort.

Steve “putting on the Ritz” Note the lack of snow at mid-mountain.











Read More…