Kirkwood’s Deep and Alta Bites Back

Bro and I skied Kirkwood almost a week ago, and snow was awesome deep.  The Sierras have been getting hammered and Kirkwood has over 500 inches so far – with more falling as we speak.  Crazy good.

We headed right to the backside and had some great runs off of what we call Hamilton Pass.  We found Hamilton crag almost fully buried – which we have never seen before.  Wish I could show it to you, but the pictures are on my computer at home – so sad.  Bro and I are currently at our buddies house Jim Brunson in Salt Lake City – so I can  not access the pictures back home. Crap.

Fateful day ahead at Alta - yikes!

Here we are heading up for our first run.

Anyway – today we all went to Alta – and we fought the snow – and the snow won.

We had a gorgeous day ahead of us so we headed up Sunnyside, where we caught a little powder – sweet stuff.  We headed down to the Sugarloaf lift and went up. We dropped into Greeley bowl through one of the gates, as there was some untouched powder there and we wanted to get it.  We were tearing it up – when those evil brocus bonsters raised their little black beady-eyed heads and ended our day of fun and glory.  Right at the bottom of the run they call “Itchy Scratchy” those horrid creatures struck!! They grabbed ole Jim’s left leg – causing him to have a slow twisting fall – and he broke his left fibula right above the ankle. Holy shit and damnation – say it ain’t true.

Jim could not get his ski back on as his ankle hurt too much.

Jim standing after his fateful fall.


I hiked back up the hill to help Jim while Bro headed down to get the Ski Patrol.   They brought a toboggan and took him off the hill to the medical clinic there at Alta.  They xrayed, confirmed the break, and cast his leg.  He has to go to another doctor tomorrow to see what other procedure he needs to get fully back to fighting strength.  This sucketh the biggeth to say the least.  Bro and I figure he’ll never go skiing with us again – as the last time he skied with us he tore his achilles tendon.  That was last year in Europe. (check that trip out here)

Those Hamilton Bro's are dangerous to your health!

Are you shitting me @#$%^&!!!

We got Jim home and set him up as best we could, as we head out to Colorado tomorrow to ski the resorts in Summit County. Once done there we head down south for the resorts there.  We have been planning this trip for several years, and we are finally off and running – though we have had a bit of a rocky start. Jim was going to come and meet us in Colorado – but not now. Crap – we love ya Jimmy – sorry about the leg – but the skiing must go on.

Here are some more shot of Alta – including four pictures showing the panorama view from our parking spot. More pictures to come as the tip continues. Enjoy.

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