First Day Skiing 2016 – Day 1

First day skiing 2016 was a great time.

Heading up Tamarack First Day skiing 2016.

Yesterday was my first day skiing in the 2016/2017 season.  I didn’t make it up for opening day, but Bro Steve did.  It’s a tradition with us to make it on opening day, but I missed it by 4 days. A man has to work sometimes, ya know. Bro Steve doesn’t have that problem, as he’s “retarded” (retired), but us working folk can’t just always head out anytime we want.  So sad.

Anyway, we headed up to Heavenly and accessed the mountain via the gondola on the California side.  This is our least favorite access point, but the only one available this early in the season. We cruised on up and got on the Tamarack lift to the top.

Heavenly had received about 9 – 12 inches of snow the night before, so the hill was covered and looking pretty good.  They only had Tamarack and Dipper lifts open, but it looked promising to get the Comet Express lift open soon. They were making snow on that terrain all day,and it was looking ripe for opening.

Pretty good coverage for the first day skiing 2016.

Heading up the Dipper Express lift.

We cruised down Orion a few times, dodging the numerous people who were partaking of the soft and easy to ski snow.  We couldn’t really let our skis run, as there were to many people around. The threat of collision kept us well below mach speed – not our preferred method of descent.

Somewhere late morning, they opened the Big Dipper run, and we got right on it. The smooth and fast surface allowed us to open up the throttles and we blasted down.  My Blizzard Cochise skis are never happy unless they are going full throttle, and they were smiling after a few laps down that run.

We met a great couple on the lift who have a project to ski the best 100 ski resorts in North America.  They told us about the blog they write where they’re documenting this adventure.  They’re over half-way through this trek of skiing these 100 resorts.  They did 8 new ones last year – which is sweet. This is a great project and we told them of some of the trips we’d taken over the years.  We’ve covered lots of common ground. Check out their blog – -it’s well worth your time.

The lift lines were getting longer the more we skied, but what can you expect on a weekend day – right? After a rather long wait we decided we’d had enough, so we cruised down Tamarack and caught the gondola back down to the bottom.

Great day overall for my first day skiing 2016. The new snow was a great omen for a fantastic season – which we plan to take full advantage of.

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