Early Season Kirkwood – Day 2

If one of your loves in life is avoiding obstacles and picking your way through mine fields, then you would probably love skiing early season Kirkwood. You would be in hog heaven as you headed down the slopes, avoiding rocks, mud patches and numerous bushes.  Yahoo!!

Early Season Kirkwood always has surprises galore in store for you.

The Three Amigos heading up Chair 5.

I am actually being a bit harsh on Kirkwood here.  Bro, my son Devon and I went there on Thanksgiving day to see what they had to offer.  Kirkwood had opened the day before with 4 lifts and 15 runs and therefore we had to go and check it out.  What we found is that they had pretty good coverage on the upper slopes, and pretty bad coverage on the lower slopes. It was very warm, and there were puddles near the bottom of the slopes,  Yikes!!

We first headed up chair number 5 and skied down.  It was all good except near the bottom, where the snow was sparse and you had to pick your way down carefully.

Early season Kirkwood requires you have rock skis available.

Mid mountain run off Chair 11. Yikes!

After doing a few runs there, we headed over to Chair 11 to see what it had to offer. The first run we took needed a bit more snow and had not been groomed. The next run we took off Chair 11 was one of the best on the hill – that is until you got to the bottom.  It was groomed and fast and fun.  We did a few laps on that chair and it was time for a break.

What we found is that Monty Wolves cafeteria was closed for renovations.  Really?? The main eatery was under construction right after opening day? What did they use the summer for?  I don’t get it.  If I was the manager at that establishment, there would be some sore butts around there.

We rested and headed back up on Chair 6. Top of Zachery was nice with spring like snow. Mid-way down we were “rockin’and rollin” through many rocks and bushes. Early season Kirkwood can be treacherous and requires you own rock skis! Some places shouldn’t have been open.

Can you slalom through small pine trees?

One of the open runs off of Chair 6. Oh my.

Headed out to Sentinal, and that was pretty nice actually.   The traverse out was soft and a bit rough, but the run was great.

We skied a few more runs and had skied everything available so it was time to head home. We had a great time, but if this place doesn’t get some snow fast, they will not be able to remain open for long.

Here are a few more pictures from our early season day at Kirkwood.  Enjoy.



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