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Kirkwood Family Day – Days 9 and 10

Had my Brother-in- law, his wife and their 9 year old granddaughter up over the weekend, so of course we had to take a Kirkwood family day to do a little skiing. These folks live in Fresno, so were not used to the snow – so we got them all geared up and had a […]


First Snow 2015-2016 Season

Hello sports fans.  The winter season is upon us – and we’ve had the first snow “visible from the valley” in the mountains here. With that first snow we get the much anticipated return of the Hamilton Ski Line witty commentary series – and I am sure that has you all cheering.


An Ode to the Thighs

This is a poem I wrote several years about my brother Steve.  He is retired, so the “lazy-bum-butt” side of his brain has taken over at least 3/4s of his brain capacity – and his “get-the-work-done” side of his brain has atrophied down to only 1/4 at most.  I guess that’s what happens when you […]

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Family Ski Jumping History – The Floater

Today we’re going to take a little trip in the way-back machine and re-live some family ski jumping history. Back before we developed a sense of self-preservation and considered ourselves indestructible, we used to spend whole days doing nothing but jumping.  We would start at the top of the mountain and go from one known […]


Garage Sale at the Waterfall

This is a story submitted by a family member, my younger brother Jeff.  Typically people would say “my little brother” , but Jeff is not little.  He is the biggest member in our family, even though he’s the youngest.  (you can check out his picture at the bottom of the post “Why Hamilton Ski Line?“) […]


Surviving the Cold in the Early Days

Back in the early 60’s when I first started skiing, we didn’t have a large choice of items to use to stay warm and dry.   We basically had cotton, wool and down – but us poor folk couldn’t really afford down – so that left cotton and wool.  Wool made you itch like the devil […]