Steamboat Sucks but Breckenridge Rocks

Billy Kidd is the Ski pro at Steamboat.

Steve by the Billy Kidd statue at Steamboat.

Have to catch up on the activities of the boys from Dover – so I am covering two resorts we have been to over the last few days.    We went to Steamboat two days ago – and frankly – Steamboat sucks.  Went to Breckenridge yesterday – and I have to say Breckenridge rocks.  Here is how this all went down.

Just a few things to clarify – some scales you need to be clued in on.  I am going to cover the Hoback scale here.  Will cover the Gnar scale in another post and the Foo-Foo scale later too.  I will give you the ranking of these resorts here, but the full definition later.

The Hoback scale – this is a scale that measures the degree of un-skiability of a slope. The top of this scale is measured against an incredibly horrendous run down “The Hobacks” at Jackson Hole several years ago.   Those that experienced this 4000 foot ride down the frozen torture chamber are amazed they lived to tell about it. Solid ice skating rink slope covered with up to small ice chest size blocks that did not move, but rather bounced you around like you were a pinball. The biggest fear was that one of these blocks would click your boot out of your binding and you would spend the rest of the run ricocheting off these blocks with your face – ouch!  Anyway – that level of horribleness is a “10” on the Hoback scale.

Now back to the report on the resorts.  Steamboat rated about 4 on the Hoback scale the day we were there.  It ranked about a 4 on the Gnar scale and about an 8 or 9 on the Foo-foo scale.

Breckenridge rocks sogo theere.

Lots of good advice here. Best follow it.

Steamboat probably has about the worst grooming we have ever run into ever – anywhere on planet. (and that is actually being kind)  The “Village” and development around the mountain with large gabillion dollar homes lining the slopes really exemplify all that we hate about the current ski resort scene.

They have not had any snow for sometime, but the hills were so poorly groomed that even the best groomed runs were a challenge to ski – while the un-groomed were not really skiable.

It sucked – all the way down to the $170.00 per day lift ticket price. Paying that much for crap just added insult to injury.  We will not be going back. They did have a great sign concerning moose, and of course I just had to get a picture of it.  One of the few redeeming things about the resort.

Breckenridge Rocks

Not many pictures due to thee weather but Breckenridge rocks.

The snow at Breckenridge was quite good.

Breckenridge rocks as a resort.  There was a lot of development of the Foo-foo variety lower down on the mountain – but overall the mountain ranks about a 4 on the Foo-foo scale.  You have to take a gondola up to where the ski lifts are – so this development is not as in your face as the Steamboat development. There is no parking up near the lifts, but we did not know that and drove up there.  We had a bit of an adventure where a women almost slid into us when she lost control of her car.  We had to back down the hill fast, with her coming right at us, but luckily she finally stopped sliding and we got the hell out of there.

Breckenridge rocks and would be even betteer with more snow.

Bro on the hill at Breckenridge.

The resort itself is spread out over 5 peaks with a number of bowls you can reach only by hiking. These bowls look to be very high on the Gnar scale, but we never got to them. It was snowing, blowing hard and the clouds were low down on the mountain – so we never made it to the highest lift, which goes up to almost 13,000 feet. We did make it to the second highest peak that went over 12,300 feet.  We had to get down the first couple hundred yards by brail due to the low cloud cover, but we made it.

Overall the resort is very large and we went from one boundary to the other, hitting almost all the lifts.  The grooming was excellent and runs were wide and fun to ski.  The lifts were top notch and the lodges were first class. Breckenridge rocks and is a great place to ski and we would love to go back sometime.  Due to the weather I did not get many pictures, as it was nasty out, but the skiing was great.  Just like we like it – snowing, new snow and not many people on the hill – wonderful to the crazy Hamilton boys.



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