About Me

Hamilton in Kitzbuhel, Austria at the train stop to go to the Ski Resort

Hello.  My name is Mark Hamilton.  I’m a happily married man of over 27 years.  I live with my wonderful wife, our 2 dogs and 2 cats in a small town right at the base of the Sierras in Northern Nevada.  There are 19 ski resorts within 90 minutes of my front door, the closest being just 25 minutes away.  I ski as many of these resorts as often as I can each season.  I have been doing this since I was 6 years old, which means that I have been doing it for over 50 years – so  I have picked up a thing or two about skiing along the way.

I have skied in a lot of places, including Austria and Italy, but have spent most of my time in the western United States, skiing the Rockies, the Wasatch, and the Sierras.

I ski anything and everything, but I mostly enjoy skiing off-piste.  Deep powder in the trees or wide open fields are the stuff I dream about – and just can never get enough of.

Why did I name this blog “Hamilton Ski Line”?  I’m glad you asked.  Let me explain.

In ski terms, a line is a chosen route of descent down the mountain.  You stand at the top of a run or area and you chose your route down.  You try to pick the best way to go through the trees or where to go to avoid the rocks that are below you.  You take into account where you’ll get the best snow and still make it down all in one piece.

A line is also the path that your stinkin’ brother or worthless friend takes, shooting in front of you and cutting you off just before you push off to ski down your carefully chosen path.  They do it just to piss you off and to take your first track rights in the powder field below.  This is where you hear such screams as “You worthless dog, you poached my line!!”  This usually leads to all out warfare and many future line stealing skirmishes throughout the rest of the day and season.  Don’t get overly concerned though. This is just normal everyday activity amongst off-piste skiers, and as far as I know, no one has been seriously injured – at least not yet.

A line is also a route of communication.  A means to get information from one person to another and it is usually two-way.  You send communication out and you get communication back. That’s the idea of this blog.  I post stories, pictures and videos about my current and past skiing adventures on my blog so that you get to read and see them.  You send me stories, pictures and videos about your current and past skiing adventures and I post them on my blog so that everyone gets to read and see them. What a great line eh? Everybody has a great time.

Where does Hamilton come into all this?  Well… that’s my name, and this is all about skiing – so Hamilton Ski Line.  Makes sense right?

I hope that you enjoy my blog.  It’s meant to be a blog about you – the people who ski.  It will have pictures and stories and advice from the people that I meet on the slopes.  I have to ask your forgiveness for something here ahead of time though – as I know that I will mess up names and probably even badly alter any stories that you tell me.  If I do that, don’t be too hard on me.  You can always blame it on my advancing age, or on one too many beers or something.  If you need to correct anything – please contact me via my contacts page on this website and I will correct any problem right away.  I hope that I will get things right the first time – but I’m sure I will mess up a time or two as well.

I love connecting with the people of skiing and hope to connect with you.  I want to get you familiar with others who ski through this site.  People who ski are the most wonderful people on earth. If I can be of any help to you to make your skiing experience more enjoyable, please contact me on my contacts page here.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Remember – You gotta eat, you gotta breathe, and you gotta Ski!!

Mark Hamilton