2017-18 Ski Season Has Begun

The 2017-18 Ski Season is underway. Bro and my son Devon went to Heavenly on Friday 17 Nov for opening day.  I unfortunately was not in attendance – (crap-o-la is what I say)

In typical Heavenly fashion – they had a great time waiting in line to get on the gondola (ya – right).  Once they got on and up to the top, they got to enjoy skiing Tamarack with many other people. Come on – opening day is opening day – one run open and 1 gabillion people trying to satisfy the overpowering itch to get back on the slopes.  I get it.  If I had been here, I would have gladly gone and braved the crowds to get in a few turns as well.  I would have loved it.  Instead I had to buck up and drown my sorrows because I have to wait to get back on the slopes. I’m tough – I can handle it (almost).

Anyway, here are a few pics of their day.  Lake Tahoe is still there and looks wonderful from the top of Heavenly.  You got to love it.

There it is – the 2017-18 ski season has launched.  This is going to be a great season. (why? because we WANT it) Bro and are going on a trip to Europe in January.   We are going to be skiing the Sellaronda area in Italy and the Kitzbuhel area in Austria. (man  is that going to be fun) Until then we need to do all the correct snow dances, chant the “let it snow” mantra and ski as much as we can so we get our ski legs in shape. (No amount of beer will cover up the pain from skiing everyday for two weeks if your legs are not in shape.)

Here is to a wonderful, deep snow season, full of lots of powder and joy!

2017-18 Ski Season

Heading up Tamarack lift to the top.


Lake Tahoe at the start of 2017-18 Ski Season.

Lake Tahoe is gorgeous- right?

Can't wait to get started on the 2017-18 Ski Season myself.

This is the Tamarack run that was open. Short but sweet.

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  1. Bro says:

    I am only drinking schnapps this year in Europe. I need it for the knee lubrication properties!

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